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About our kennel

I found my kennel name in a very interesting way, I was reading the Beautiful Oblivion book, when in the book I read the Winstead name I know it this will be my first choice for my kennel name.....

The beginning

In my first exhibition in 2013, I was impressed by the mood and feeling of the Dog Shows. I discovered the Australian Shepherd dog in 2015 when I decided to expand the family first, looking at Border Collie puppies, but then I noticed a colored dog like the border collie but somehow different and liked it much more than I started to read countless forums, trying to collect information about the breed, but the first personal meeting with aussies in 2015 at the Oradea CACIB Dog Show has been decisive for me that yes I need an aussie. In the spring of 2016, I contacted several foreign breeders, and I soon found the perfect kennel for me which was in Hungary. They had also litter plans, but actually I did not choose from that litters, but from a combination of Shoreland's Two Thumbs Up Ace and Cattail Ridge Party Time. I was very excited because for first Aussie could get my dream puppy from 2 USA import parents who was born on 17.11.2016 under the name Tanmark's Nutella. I am very grateful to Eszter for all the help and information about the breed. February 26, 2017 Toffee arrived at our home I was very happy and I am that he can be mine. In April, we were go to our first show, little Toffee got very promising 1 with very good criticism. Compared to his 5 months, he moved and stand like a pro in the ring, so I was very proud of him. Now when I'm writing this his 26-month-old and Romanian Junior Champion he was fulfill at 9-month-old in one weekend out, Romanian Champion, also from a weekend out at 23 months, he got also CACIB aaaand BEST OF BREED from intermediar class over the champion class males. , July 21, 2018 at Debrecen Dog Show he takes 2xcac for the Hungarian Champion where he beat the field with BOB and CACIB. He has also 2xcacib for International Champion.


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