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Interested in adding a Winstead Aussie/MAS to your family? We’d love to help you find the perfect new addition! We offer a few options: Joining our unofficial WAITING LIST (if you’re wanting a puppy 6+ months from now. However this is not securing a spot/guaranteeing you a puppy) OR you can join our official DEPOSIT LIST (which will get you in line for a puppy in an upcoming/planned litter). The Deposit list families are contacted BEFORE the waiting list. It is rare for us to have availability after we have contacted the deposit list, so if you plan to get a dog from us, we advise you get on the deposit list. 

Our planned litters

Plans 2024: 
Lara x Denali -
 NOT CONFIRMED (expected for late winter)  - Blacks and Blues only - Spots are open for show and pet puppies
Folie x Diesel - NOT CONFIRMED (expected for early spring)
 - Spots are open for show (No Germany & France) and pet puppies

Rockie x Prowler - NOT CONFIRMED (expected for autumn) - All red litter - Spots are open for show  and pet puppies
Emma x BIG SECRET (but we choose a super male from the USA)   - NOT CONFIRMED (expected for summer or winter)  - All colors expected - Spots are open for show and pet puppies

Deposit is regards show or pet puppy 500 euro
- First part : 250 euro when the litter is confirmed
- Second part: if the desired puppy is born, than other half 250 euro
- Final payment : remaining balance by when the puppy is leaving If the desired puppy is not born, you can move to other litters.

If the puppy is born and you change your mind the first part of deposit 250 euro is non refundable.


- Show/breeding prospects are priced individually starting at 2500 euros

- Pet/sports/performance prospects are 1500-1700 euros


- Show/breeding prospects are priced individually starting at 3500 euros
- Pet/sports/performance prospects are 2000 euros

(We reserve our right to modify the prices, of course not after something is agreed!)

All our puppies leave us with following:
- pedigree (export if puppy is leave our country)
- Vaccines according to age (6-8-10-12 weeks)
- Deworming according to age (every 2 weeks until puppy is leaving)
- Contract
- Passport
- Puppy kit (leash, collar, food, toys etc...)

You can always count on our support and advice the whole lifetime of the dog! We reserve our rights to refuse clients which we think we are not on same line.

 We are excited that you are considering joining our furry family! Here at Winstead, we will strive to produce outstanding Australian Shepherds that are an asset to the breed and a treasure to their families. Each one of our litters are special to us and a tremendous amount of time, research and thought goes into every one of them. In each litter we always plan on keeping at least 1 puppy to show and carry on our program with and the rest of the puppies are offered to loving homes.

We will evaluate our puppies between 8 and 10 weeks of age. 

First of all we reserve our right to choose from puppies with who we want to go forward of our breeding program.

Getting a puppy is a commitment, you must be prepared to spend the next 12-15 years taking care of your puppy.  


If you are interested in a Winstead puppy, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out and submit our Puppy Questionnaire below. This answers all our basic questions we like to ask our potential puppy owners. After we receive your Questionnaire, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  


*Serious inquiries only* Please understand that we ask many different questions so we can best match each puppy to their new forever home. We do not sell puppies based on markings or eye color. We place puppies based on temperament first. However, we do try to keep in mind the desired traits each person wants when placing our puppies.  Part of being the best breeders we can be is breeding according to the FCI Breed Standard. Please visit the FCI website or click on our Standard menu to view the entire standard.

FCI Australian Shepherd Standard

Please click on the "Puppy Questionnaire" below to fill out our Questionnaire and send it back to our email:

Pet Puppy Questionnaire

Show Puppy Questionnaire

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